The tentatively, and conditionally announced, and posted “General Ministers Meeting” announced for Tuesday April 20-23 here at the Assembly at Jacksonville Florida, is herewith confirmed with the caveat of  the dread “COVID19” plague, travel,  and attendance abilities dependent conditions. There will be a final confirmation or cancellation by middle March.  The need of a ministers meeting to discuss the future plans, purposes, and methods, of our collective labor are great, however our due caution is also great.   

The meeting is planned to begin on Tuesday, April 19, 2021 at 11:A.M. and continuing  through Friday, April 23, 2021 with all sessions being closed to all except active ministers, pastors and their immediate staff who are known and accepted as being faithful, and in good standing to this brotherhood, vision and gospel. 

It is our thought that this meeting be a working ministers meeting conducted  according to our understanding of ministerial bible conduct, and order as was established  by the first century church ministry, First Corinthians 14:29-40. As our first elder brother William Sowders restored early in the last century, with the senior elders tasked with the keeping of all things “decent and in order. (vs. 40”). There will be no tolerance of disorder or confusion, vs. 33. We are praying, and striving, for a more perfect order than there was in the darkness of the wilderness, (Revelation 12:14) of confusion from which we have been called out of.  

Even as it was in the time of Nehemiah it can be said by they who continue unto this body goal of full church restoration: Israel of old built the wall in troublesome times, and all the wall was joined together, unto the half thereof , for the people had  a mind to work, Nehemiah 4:6. 

Our vision is a restored church. The hour we live in demands that we who are tasked with this labor get under the load, and finish that which was begun over a century ago. Let us, by the leading of The Spirit of God, build again that which was torn down. A church where the fulness of the Spirit, Truth, and the God called and God sent ministry have their fulness in operation, and power. It is toward this end purpose we  who are called to do so faithfully labor. 

                                                          Paul B. Dyal


The English word church  is taken from the Greek word ecclesia which translates, called out, separated, set apart. God has chosen the church to be in the world but not of the world, John 15:17-19. The world is in enmity with Christ and His church. If any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him, First John, first John 2:15. We are to be a called out people; out of the world and into Him. Sanctified is set apart. Because of this the watchmen on the wall are commissioned and compelled to keep the world out of the church. The spirit of the church must be saved.