Bro William Sowders Oct 2, 1946

You know a preacher is nothing but a slave. It would be better to put on an apron than a necktie, for that is what we are to do, serve the people and be a servant for God’s people. The first thing we are to do in the ministry, is to see that we provoke people to love and to do good works. Paul said: “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” (HEB 10:24)

A man one time said to me: “How could you provoke a man to love you?” I said: “How do you provoke a person to hate you, just cross a person. Then you will find just a pat on the back will make a person begin to feel good. But, if you want a person to begin to get discouraged and appear against you, just make them feel they are not doing anything and their work is unprofitable. You take a little child, you can make an industrious child out of it, if the first time she puts a broom in her hand you deal wisely with her. But you may ruin her by boasting on her too much. I learned that when I was a kid. If I brought in a little arm load of wood, just three or four sticks, and Dad would brag on me, he would have to stop me from bringing in the wood. But if I dropped it on the floor, and he hollered at me, I would not pick up another piece. If my school teacher would have known how to teach me I would have amounted to something, but no sir, they whipped me three and four times a day. If he would have just told me, “Willie, no telling what you will turn out to be, maybe a professor.” But, no he tried to whip it into me and it didn’t work.

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