“I have lots of men to bring them in, I need someone to work on them when they come in.”

June 23, 1946

Having a Care for the People

BRO. SOWDERS: I started out to be a comfort to God’s people. I fixed beds in my home for the people of God, and had a yacht on the river and used my yacht for the purpose of carrying God’s people across the river.

I saw they were being charged for it.

When I saw how God’s people treated each other – I thought, “How can God’s people treat each other that way?”

I had a preacher close the door,

wouldn’t let me in the church because I had preached a sermon that day and the people said, they hadn’t heard a sermon like that. I though, “Why is it Lord that your people can be so cruel.” God said to me, ”Moses whom they

refused saying, Who made thee a ruler and a judge too; That same did God send to be a ruler and a deliverer.” (ACT 7:35) I knew at that

moment, God was going to do something for me. I longed to see God’s people have a care for each

other. I remember a little fellow who could quote the whole Bible it seemed. I saw him walk out in front

of the Bible stand with a sweet spirit. All he was doing was walking up and down preaching sanctification as the second definite work of grace. And a big man said, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.” This fellow was two feet taller than the little man. He said, ”Paul rebuked, and I rebuke you.” I took care of that little fellow ­saw that he had a bed. I cared for him for a week or two. I desired to help him out.

I saw the great need for God’s people to have help and assistance. You can notice it today; almost every preacher’s message is to the unsaved people and thousands of God’s people are in need of help.

One time I was waiting on God; I knew I was out of the will of God. I said, “Lord show me your will, I am losing time.”

A large ship – an ark came before me. While I was suffering untold agony, that ship came before me, resting on the water. As I watched it, I saw men going out and bringing

people into the ship. I was watching for myself to bring someone in. I thought, ”Where am I? Don’t I have a job around here?” That part of the ship vanished and I saw the interior of the ship. I saw myself, straightening up their heads, getting them fixed up. The Lord said, “I have lots of men to bring them in, I need someone to work on them when they come in.” That is my job. I went to work on it with all my might. And the results are before us and throughout the United States. I’ll tell you, Bro. Whittaker, Bro. Delt, Bro. Smith and

I can stay separated from each other – never associate, and Bro. Smith will have an individual spirit, Bro. Delt will have an individual spirit, etc. But get together. Bear with each other. Take on the spirit of Jesus Christ. Have a spirit that will reach out, get hold of humanity and bring life, peace and a consolement to God’s people. And they are in need of that today.

That church has a different spirit from that church. Go over there an you will find they have a different spirit. Why? Because the preacher has a different spirit from the other preachers. Just what he is, is what his people will be. If he is grouchy, cold and cruel, the people will have the same spirit. The people who come in will feel that cold, impatient spirit. The greatest ministry is to help hold up God’s people, to bless them. If you do that, God will help you.

The idea is that you get that in Jesus Christ, you don’t get that in some sect. The sect you belong to, if you are not careful, you will take on of that sect. The different sects have different spirits. Look out in pentecost, at the different spirits. Keep this brother around for a while, let the ministers associate with each other and their spirits will begin to blend.

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One thought on ““I have lots of men to bring them in, I need someone to work on them when they come in.”

  1. Thank you for including me in these e-mails.

    Just a couple days ago I came into possession of roughly 15 original word-for-word transcripts of meetings from the School of the Prophets from 1947-1953. These, evidently, would be mailed out to servicemen and others unable to attend meetings.

    Many of these transcripts are initialed by numerous people, indicating that they were read by many.

    Included in these is an envelope containing transcripts from 3 different meetings. The envelope is addressed from Brother William Sowders himself from Louisville, Kentucky, dated April 30, 1952. He addressed it to Elder A.L. Moore 309 Hill Crest Circle, Jackson, Tennessee.

    These transcripts were given to me by Brother Ronald Wright, pastor of the church in Bellingham, Washington. Brother Wright thinks they were originally the property of Brother Clyde Dixon from Oakland, California.

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