Mother’s Milk

William Sowders said…

Breast feeding Apr 7, 1946

Pharaoh suggested killing all the Hebrew boys and saving all the girls. The idea was saving all the girls and marrying them to Egyptian boys.

At that time Moses was born and his mother hid him in a boat and the King’s daughter came down to take a bath there and heard the baby crying out in the bulrushes. I guess God let a mosquito snap him right good to let her know a baby was there, otherwise, he would have been enjoying himself in the cool breeze. Somehow he began to cry and there stood his mother right by him and the king’s daughter turned around and employed Moses’s own mother to be his nurse.

God did not want him to nurse any other woman’s breast. There are things you eat will pep you up and other things will take pep out of you. Don’t tell me that a baby raised on breast’s milk out of the bottle doesn’t have that nature from that milk that it thrives on. I would never allow it if it could be nursed by the mother. I would want it to receive human nature instead of receiving that beastly nature. It is perfectly seen out there, those little rascals are getting that awful beastly Nature in somuch so that they don’t want to wear any clothes. Why certainly it is so. The majority of babies are raised on milk from the bottle now days.

The Lord Was Concerned

The Lord did not want Moses to be given cow’s milk or even nursed by a Gentile mother and given her milk, but He wanted him nursed by a Hebrew.

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