Bro William Sowders Oct 2, 1946

You know a preacher is nothing but a slave. It would be better to put on an apron than a necktie, for that is what we are to do, serve the people and be a servant for God’s people. The first thing we are to do in the ministry, is to see that we provoke people to love and to do good works. Paul said: “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” (HEB 10:24)

A man one time said to me: “How could you provoke a man to love you?” I said: “How do you provoke a person to hate you, just cross a person. Then you will find just a pat on the back will make a person begin to feel good. But, if you want a person to begin to get discouraged and appear against you, just make them feel they are not doing anything and their work is unprofitable. You take a little child, you can make an industrious child out of it, if the first time she puts a broom in her hand you deal wisely with her. But you may ruin her by boasting on her too much. I learned that when I was a kid. If I brought in a little arm load of wood, just three or four sticks, and Dad would brag on me, he would have to stop me from bringing in the wood. But if I dropped it on the floor, and he hollered at me, I would not pick up another piece. If my school teacher would have known how to teach me I would have amounted to something, but no sir, they whipped me three and four times a day. If he would have just told me, “Willie, no telling what you will turn out to be, maybe a professor.” But, no he tried to whip it into me and it didn’t work.




The year was 1953 in the month of June. Everyone was happy and excited because it was camp-meeting time in Shepardsville, KY, at the Campground. Not only were the people happy and excited, there was one big question: What kind of meeting would it be without Bro William Sowders, who had passed away in October of 1952? This was the first meeting without him, so everyone was wondering what would happen.

To everyone’s surprise, the most wonderful thing happened! They called it the New Experience; it was like a gentle breeze. The saints would just be standing or sitting, talking to one another and the next thing you know, one or both would be on the ground in the Spirit.

There was one minister who wore very expensive clothes who was talking to another brother. The next thing you know, he was on the ground in the mud in his fine suit and silk shirt and could not get up! Every time he would try, he would get back down.

This happened on the first night of the meeting. The next morning when the bread man brought the bread for that day, he had to park at the bottom of the hill and carry the bread because there were so many saints still on the ground, out in the Spirit. The milk man had to do the same way also.

This did not just happen to the saints only but also to the ministers. It was such a wonderful time in the Holy Ghost! Also, they came back to the local churches with this wonderful Spirit.

— Bro. Tom & Sis. Loretta Bencini

Gospel Kingdom Campground Meeting General Announcements

Fall Camp Meeting: September 29th – October 2nd
T Rowe | September 16, 2011 at 2:11
Gospel of the Kingdom Campground
141 Mount Elmira Road
Shepherdsville, KY 40165 (Located on Hwy 44, Exit 117)


Telephone: (502) 543-0875 (during campmeeting only)


The camp-meeting opens on September 29th at 7:00 p.m.
Band Practice will begin at 5:30 p.m. September 29th – October 1st, which is the regularly scheduled time. Please be on time. Seats are not reserved in the band. If you do not attend band practice, you will not be guaranteed a seat (with an exception given to dining room help). All band members in good standing in your home assembly are encouraged to bring your instruments and are welcome to play.
Youth Choir practice will be Friday and Saturday afternoon at 4:00 PM.
Service Schedule:
Prayer Meeting: 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.
Morning Service: 11:00 a.m.
Evening Service: 7:00 pm.
As always, rooms on the Campground are “first come-first serve” and are few in number. Please check in at the office and/or contact Bro. Danny Rowe for vacancy inquiries. Cabins, rooms and dorms are not free for the taking. Guests must check-in.

For room and board not on the hill, a list of hotels/motels in down town Shepherdsville and neighboring cities are available on this website. Make your reservations early!!