April 15, 1947

Man desires to learn the deep things in the Bible: Heaven, Hell; how many there are – the four beasts, etc. But the greatest lesson of all lessons to learn is mercy. I have been in the way long enough to know what I am talking about. When I say mercy is the best thing yet, of course there are other things that are good, but what I am talking about is the thing to keep you out of trouble. I have seen so many people become cripples, sickly, diseased and die, because they didn’t understand how to be merciful.
The easiest thing to do is to avoid mercy. To be
merciful means to help somebody that wouldn’t help me; do something for somebody who wouldn’t do for me; be kind to somebody who is cruel to me; give to somebody who wouldn’t give to me. It goes against the grain; but one thing [is] sure, it keeps you in the clear. I have seen families just go to pieces – haywire! Many things happen to them because the parents wer not merciful people. Sure God visits on the children because the parents wouldn’t be merciful .
When we first start out we think we are merciful, we want to be; but there is a lot to learn about mercy. It doesn’t mean just to be good. It means more than that.
If you have been lashed, whipped by the rod of
God like I have for the lack of mercy, you would feel like I feel. It is a mighty good thing. If you don’t get mercy, let me tell you, you sure will experience a lot of hell and never get to heaven.
Therefore, It just pays to be merciful. It has been said, “This is the most merciful people in the world, not another people as merciful as this people.” Yet there are some who are not merciful enough yet. Probably all of us have room to take on more mercy. I have watched it – a man who is not merciful to the people will not go far in God.