Various Articles From Gospel Of The Kingdom Writings



In the early days of the twentieth century, God called a man and gave him a special message – the restoration of   ” The Truth” and the restoring of Israel.

This message was frowned upon by most of the Holy Ghost people, who said that it could not be.

This man was led of God to conduct many meetings across the country. The order of these services were based on 1 Corinthians 14:26-33, and the 15th chapter of Acts – the order that the Apostles used in dealing with the problem of circumcision.

Ministers of all faiths, especially Holy Ghost ministers, were invited to these meetings. All were given liberty to speak in these discussions, one or two, or the most by three, on the floor at one time.  When one would sit down another would arise to discuss the subject and present his views.

This God-ordained leader usually sat back and listened during most of each discussion. after most of the views had been expressed, he would rise to his feet and summarize what he had gleaned from the discussion. It would usually satisfy almost everyone and leave very little grounds for opposition.

He did not claim to have all the answers, but his heart continually searched for truth.

Having his own church, he taught his people many wonderful truths from God’s Word. The years 1943 found young men from his church engaged in the service of Uncle Sam. For their benefit, a young lady “Back home”  took the message in short-hand, typed and mailed them to these young men. Soon other men in the Armed Forces began to ask for copies, and the mailing list expanded. In a very short time, requests were received from other ministers who also desired a weekly “paper”. By no later than 1945, all of the ministers who attended the gatherings around the country and who believed in this endeavor of God, were receiving these lessons and messages as preached and discussed by this man of God.

Ralph M Angelo




* “I have lots of men to bring them in, I need someone to work on them when they come in.”

2 thoughts on “Various Articles From Gospel Of The Kingdom Writings

  1. Thank you for posting information of Bro. Sowders. It’s been a very long time since i heard of him. Would love to hear more about this man and his life

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