Bro Paul B & Catherine Dyal

Bro Paul And Sis Catherine Dyal

Caring dedication–that is what Elder Paul Dyal’s ministry has been about since God led him to build a church back in 1977. For the past thirty-one years, with the help of his faithful wife, Sister Catherine Dyal, he has made himself available for God to use mightily. Starting out in a mere small wooden building equipped with an outhouse, Elder Dyal’s early congregation consisted of just his family and sixteen other members. By being open to the Lord’s voice and by seeking not only God’s will but also His way, he has been able to have much success in fulfilling his calling.Over the years, God has blessed tremendously. The congregation, which once only consisted of sixteen people, has grown to thriving congregation. The church band, which started out with three musicians and a piano player, now is overflowing with around 35 instrumentalists. God has also blessed by allowing the church to build a large sanctuary on several acres of land with all of the facilities our large church family could ever want. But more important than all of this are the many lives this ministry has touched. Many are the individuals and families who could tell of the way their life was forever changed by the dedication of our founder and senior pastor. To Elder Dyal and his wife, we say, “Thank you for giving to the Lord!”

Our Pastor And Wife Darrin & Melody Dyal

Bro Darrin And Sis Melody Dyal

The oldest of Elder Dyal’s two sons, Brother Darrin Dyal felt God’s call on his life ten years after his father, in the year 1987. Being raised in our church, he witnessed many miracles and works of God in people’s lives while growing up. Over the years, with the help of his wife, Sister Melody Dyal, he has worked in various ministerial positions as band director and counselor. He has also been the principal and administrator of our Christian school, the Jacksonville Assembly Chrisitian Academy, for the past 13 years, and is still serving in that position. Seven years ago, God led Elder Dyal to set his son, Brother Dyal, as his successor. After much prayer, he ordained Brother Darrin Dyal as pastor of our assembly in 2004. Just starting in this God-given responsibility, Brother Dyal has also been keeping his ear open to the Lord, watching over the sheep in our assembly, and preparing our hearts to see God!

Bro Donald & Sis Cynthia McElroy

Bro Donald & Sis Cynthia McElroy

Brother Donald McElroy was raised in a Catholic home, and in his youth felt God tugging on his heart to seek something more. First coming to our assembly in 1979, he became the first convert under Elder Dyal’s ministry to be added to the church. Drawn by the witness of the assembly’s young piano player, they were married later that same year. Sister Cindy McElroy has continued to be our piano player until this day, faithfully using her talent for our edification for thirty years. With her aid, Brother McElroy has labored as a team leader for thirty years as well. Together, their example has been a great encouragement to all.

Bro Lawton & Sis Gracie Anderson

Bro Lawton & Sis Gracie Anderson

Having no religious background, our Brother Lawton Anderson answered the Lord’s call on his life at the age of 45. Upon first attending our church, he lived in Lake City, where he worked as a route salesman for convenient stores. After driving the long distance back and forth to attend services, he decided to move his wife and two children to Jacksonville so that they could become more of a part. Now 71 years old, Brother Anderson is still as spry as ever. Our oldest team leader, the twilight hours will find him out hunting alligators with his son, and on weekends you’ll see him dancing in church. Having faithfully served in the ministry all these years, he now leads the seniors.His wife, Sister Gracie Anderson, served as the church secretary for twenty years. Gifted with a servant’s heart and a worker’s spirit, any time of the day would find her doing something for someone in the church. Brother and Sister Anderson’s many years of selfless labor for the church has endeared them to all. Not one of us has not benefited from their servitude at one time or another.

Bro Donald & Barbara Fletcher

Bro Donald & Sis Barbara Fletcher

Also raised Catholic, our Brother Donald Fletcher had served in the navy for several years before first attending our church in 1980. At this time, Elder Dyal taught a message that showed him God’s true plan. Having his eyes opened, he dedicated his life to the Lord, and later met and married his wife, Sister Barbara Fletcher. Together they raised three daughters and two sons in God’s way, with Brother Fletcher serving as a team leader for many years up until this time. In many ways, their servitude has helped advanced God’s work.

Bro Steve & Sis Elaine Adams

Bro Steve & Sis Elaine Adams

Brother Steve Adams first came to the Lord at the age of 24, terribly addicted to drugs. God’s touch was so powerful in his life that he immediately quit his drug habit. His wife, Sister Elaine Adams, was so touched by the miraculous turn-around that she also gave her life to the Lord. Upon coming to the Body, God opened their eyes, and they, along with their two children, have blessed our assembly in countless ways. Brother Adams’ ministry work has been very broad. Besides having worked as a support to Elder Dyal through the years in many areas, he also served as principal of our school for ten years, until the responsibility was taken over by Brother Dyal. He also ministered in many churches throughout south Florida for two years, and has served as a team leader for many years.

Bro. Bruce & Sis Cheryl Minson

Bro Bruce & Sis Cheryl Minson

The story of Brother Bruce and Sister Cheryl Minson is a winding one. Having had a somewhat religious background, Brother and Sister Minson first came to the Body when Brother Minson was 18 years old. While attending Brother Welch’s church in Sterling, Illinois, they learned much, but through a winding path of life, Brother Minson and his wife and two small sons came to Jacksonville when he was 25. Being a talented singer/songwriter and guitar player from the age of 7, he has blessed our assembly countless times with his inspired songs and amazing God-given musical ability. His family has grown from two sons to having three daughters as well. He has served as a team leader for many years, and has also worked with a church in Tallahassee for one year. Today, he and his wife continue to use their gifts to bless all.

Bro Roderick & Sis Rhonda Thomas

Bro Roderick & Sis Rhonda Thomas

Raised in the Baptist church, Brother Roddrick Thomas first walked this way at the age of 17. Still in high school, God opened his eyes, giving him the opportunity to dedicate his life to the Lord at a young age. He later met his future wife, Sister Rhonda Thomas (who was from the assembly in Harrisonburg, Virginia) at a meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. After their wedding, Sister Thomas moved down to Jacksonville to be with her husband in our assembly. Together they have raised two children and have served as team leaders up until the present time. Their contribution to our ministry has been immeasurable.

Bro Shawn & Sis Gina Dyal & Kacey

Bro Shawn & Sis Gina Dyal

The youngest of Elder Dyal’s two sons, Brother Shawn Dyal was also raised in church in the same fashion as his older brother, Pastor Dyal. God touched his life at a young age, and he has served God faithfully with his wife, Sister Gina Dyal. Now a successful businessman, he has given God the glory for everything he has accomplished. In 2007, with much prayer and trepedition, he accepted the responsibility of team leader.

Bro Jeremiah & Sis Bethany Fletcher, Mark & Luke

Br. Jeremiah and Sis Bethany Fletcher

Brother Jeremiah Fletcher and his wife, Sister Bethany, are the only members of leadership who were both born and raised in the assembly. Growing up together, they spent all of their school years attending our Christian school. They were wed in October of 2004, and are now striving to raise their two young sons with the same Biblical order and principles that they were blessed to receive. After leading the Saturday night team for four years, Brother Jeremiah became  counselor in 2010, accepting the responsibility of team leader in place of his father on the Fletcher team. Equipped with pure testimonies and hearts willing to learn how to minister to God’s people.



Bro Brandon And Sis Alyssa
Alice, Ava, Anna & Ariel McElroy

Br. Brandon and Sis Alyssa McElroy
Brother Brandon McElroy was born to Br Don and Cindy McElroy and raised in This Way but God added both to the Body of Christ while still in their teens and have been serving Him faithfully throughout their youth. They were married in July 2006 and now have 4 daughters they are raising in His Way. Brother Brandon and Sister Alyssa were Saturday night team leaders for 2 years and in Jan 2012 Bro Brandon became our newest counselor and team leader in the place of of his father. We thank God He has provided us with this sweet family to love.