Plan of Salvation

“The wisest men that ever was, is, and has ever be, was sitting on the council.

They were planning devising a something for humanity.

And they were intending to give few men, the best there ever was.

Things that doesn’t seem too good for us at times, are the best things for us.

We’d like to have some patience sometimes, well, the bible says tribulation work patience, patience experience.. well why dont God give us patience Some another way?

Because the way God gives us patience is the wise way to give us patience. And it destroys first the thing that is impatient. And it will put a patient spirit there that will actually be of benefit to you, and forever benefitting you.

And that was the way it was with God when he devised the Plan of Salvation,

Well it looks like God could’ve devised a plan where we couldve mingled with the world…and ah not have to be separated from the world like we are, if He hada did so, Then we wouldve had to make a plan that we accepted that wouldve made us more miserable than we were before we had accepted it.

Bro William Sowders 1945